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A new tool to create and share educational activities that engage your students and make learning fun.

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We’ve created a number of activity templates that use game play to give instant feedback and make learning fun.


In just minutes, customize an activity template with your own content so your activity is relevant to what you’re teaching.


Organize your activities based on learning goals, and control which sets are available to students depending on your teaching needs.


Share your custom activities with members of the eBeam Activities Community! Follow other teachers as they create new activities which are useful for your curriculum.

Think of it as crowd-sourced content creation!

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How do I get started?

Since eBeam Activities is in an early phase of testing, you must fill out a form to be accepted into the testing program. We will send you login information and then let you loose to explore, play and have fun. We only ask that you send us feedback on your experience, when you come across an issue or if you think of ways that eBeam Activities can be better!

eBeam Activities is in its concept phase. By this we mean it is not a fully developed product, but rather a place for users to try out concepts for future products. Concept testing helps our designers and Luidia (eBeam) create better products that satisfy users needs.